Where to go cross-country skiing in Poland We recommend 10 ideal places

Where to go cross-country skiing in Poland? Recommended 10 ideal places

They used to be used mainly to move on snow-covered terrain, today they are treated as a hobbyist. They reign supreme in the north of the globe, but are becoming increasingly popular in central Europe as well. Cross-country skiing, commonly known as cross-country skiing – because it is about them – is also finding more and more fans in Poland. Want to try? Travelist Magazine editors suggest where to go.

Kotelnica Białczańska in Podhale

Every avid skier and snowboarder is probably familiar with the Kotelnica Białczańska, accommodating in Bialka Tatrzanska. This is the largest ski resort in the Podhale region, which, in addition to the slopes, also offers well-prepared, scenic cross-country ski trails. Here you can choose from four loops, with a view of the Tatra peaks from each of them.

Jakuszycka Glade in Lower Silesia

This place called by the Poles the capital of cross-country skiing. O Jakuszyce have probably heard, but not everyone knows that the total length of cross-country skiing trails is Nearly 100 kilometers-including those with International Ski Federation approval. This creates a unique opportunity to admire this charming, snow-covered (and not only in winter) land on the Polish-Czech border.

Burned in the Bystrzyckie Mountains

Slightly more south of the country’s center, but still in Lower Silesia, in the Klodzko region is located Spalona cross-country skiing station. Counting almost 40 km of track are characterized by With varying levels of sophistication, which attracts both amateur and professional skiers. Sometimes during the ride you can cross the Czech border here and hear “Ahoj!” instead of “Hi!”.

From the Jugowska Pass in the Owl Mountains

Remaining still in Lower Silesia and heading towards the Owl Mountains, we will encounter 5 routes with charming names – Bear, Owl, Fox, Bat and 9 beech trees. The most popular starting place to ride any of them is Jugowska Pass, and the trip can be combined with a visit to the most interesting places, such as Goat Saddle, Owl Shelter or Wilcza Pass.

From Obidowa to Turbacz

Once the place where Justyna Kowalczyk trained, and today 11-kilometer attraction for experienced cross-country skiers in near Nowy Targ. The route, often called “In the footsteps of the Olympians, was created in the framework of Polish-Slovak cooperation and leads through the Lepietnica Valley, Gorzec, Solnisko, Rozdziele, Hala Turbacz to the Turbacz mountain hostel. When going there, it is worth remembering 503 m of elevation gain, Which can be a challenge for beginners.

Between Vistula and Istebna – Kubalonka

Loved by sports-minded runners and allowing them to polish their technique. Kubalonka belongs to those more difficult routes, and you can run here on four loops. What characterizes it is exceptional width – Perhaps this was one of the reasons for organizing in this place Polish Cross-Country Skiing Championships. During the ride you pass the hills of the Silesian Beskid, and during the break you can gain strength at refreshment centers, which are not lacking here.

Near Zhukov near Ustrzyki Dolne

Fleeing towards the Bieszczady Mountains, you will come across a small village of Ustjanowa Górna near Ustrzyki Dolne. For lovers of cross-country skiing there are the Pod Zhukov trails – regularly groomed, with different levels of difficulty and having homologation of the International Ski Federation. Blue for a leisurely ride and red – a bit more athletic.

In the Subcarpathian region near Wetlina

Going further south, we will get in The area around the Bieszczady National Park and the village Wetlina. It is there that the beginning five routes designed for cross-country skiing with a total length of 20 km. Each of them – red, green, yellow, orange and blue – has different levels of difficulty, but all guarantee unforgettable views along the way.

Exploring the Kampinos Forest

Cross-country skiing does not have to be associated only with mountains! The following awaits residents of central Poland Kampinos Forest, which hides as much as 300 km of trails. There are all hiking trails in the forest complex at the disposal of lovers of snow madness. The nearest equipment rental is located in Laski, and from there it is only 100 m and you can run!

Kartuzy in Kashubia

Ski Arena Nordic is a place for cross-country skiers, which is located in the Kartuzy – A picturesque town in Kashubia, 40 minutes from Gdansk. Provides the only such point in Pomerania, and you can find many ski slopes nearby. It’s 6 different routes with a total length of 6 km – from the easy blue to the black route, the most difficult. The starting point is in the forest, behind the Bilovo cemetery, where there are changing rooms and information boards with a plan and maps – super fun guaranteed!