Varieties of skitouring

Varieties of skitouring

How many people, so many ideas, so many different faces of the outdoors. We are constantly looking around and trying to show you different activities, adventures, miscellanies and perspectives. Lately we have been devoting a lot of time to skydiving, maybe too much… if so, we apologize, but we can not resist. In this article, we will classify the basic forms of skydiving, without delving into styles that are close to us, but less „precise” such as „skiing and coffee”, „biking for touring” or „slackline and freeride”. The article is illustrated with the latest photos of OM’s storm troop.

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Traditional skitouring are long ski trips, consisting of approaches and descents. To begin with, the approach-peak/ pass/shelter-slope is enough. As time goes by, the appetite grows, we go for longer and longer rounds, during which we “cross over” several times and cover a long route. Trips can also be several days long, with overnight stays in hostels.

Skialpinism This is a slightly more technically advanced form of skydiving. In this case, we are moving into typically high mountain terrain, requiring proper belaying. Here, in addition to approaches on snow fields and descents, there are glacier crossings, rock faults, narrow gullies, where we have to use ropes for descents. You need the right equipment and mountaineering skills.

Freetouring It’s a combination of freeride and skydiving. We use slightly wider and heavier skis (worse on ascents, better on descents in deep powder), and the main purpose of the trip is descents. Best to limit approaches – they are only a means to an end.

Speed touring / ski running – a much more sporty activity, often involving competition. Here, in addition to the physical (fitness) advantage over your opponents, every gram of equipment is of great importance. Competition skis are narrow and ultralight (approx. 600 g), as are the boots (often carbon). In the backpack there is only the minimum necessary.

In our case, skitouring is more like slow wandering in the mountains combined with elements of freeride’u (fot. MG /

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„Different faces of skydiving” is an excerpt from a larger guide text that we published in 9. issue of Outdoor Magazine. You will learn from it how to easily start the adventure of skitouring. OM is available at Empik, Relay, InMedio newsstands.