The last CITY TRAIL runs in 2021

The last CITY TRAIL runs in 2021

On Saturday, December 18, at Lake Rusalka in Poznań, and on Sunday, December 19, at Lake Szmaragdowe in Szczecin, CITY TRAIL runs were held, concluding the first part of the 2021/2022 season of the series. Before the runners Christmas-New Year break – cross-country “five” returns on the weekend of January 8-9, when competitions will be held in Lublin, Warsaw, Bydgoszcz and Lodz.

General classification settlements in Poznań

The best on the 5-kilometer route over Poznan Rusalka turned out to be – for the third time in the edition – Oliwia Wawrzyniak i Sebastian Nowicki, Who thus secured the overall win.

Oliwia Wawrzyniak is a young, talented Poznań-based athlete. In November, she became the Polish cross country champion in the junior women’s category, giving her the opportunity to represent Poland in the Old Continent cross country championships. The 19-year-old commented at the finish line:

Today’s run was the last for me in this long 2021 season. I’m already in the process of de-training, so I knew that I wouldn’t fight for the result today, because the goal was to secure the overall win. Starting in January, I will be living, studying and training in the US, so I am very happy to have achieved my goal of winning the CITY TRAIL before leaving. I’ve been competing at Rusalka for a few years now, I started when I was still in the youth categories, so I have a lot of fondness for these competitions, and if I get the chance, I will return to the route at Rusalka.

Result Oliwia Wawrzyniak is 17:15. The second to finish the competition was Patrycja Talar (18:36), and third place was won by the Aleksandra Bereśniewicz (18:51).

CITY TRAIL – Poznań (fot. Andrzej Olszanowski)

A fully controlled victory was achieved Sebastian Nowicki. The result of 14:48 proves the great form of the protégé of Jacek Ksiazkiewicz, who comments:

There is no direct competition to wring out a really good result here. Today I overslept on the distance and only at 4 km, where I heard that I should “push”, I woke up and accelerated,” said Sebastian Nowicki after the competition. – Now before me are the challenges of life, because soon I will become a father, so I do not know if I will be able to run in February and March, but I plan to appear at the January CITY TRAIL in Bydgoszcz.

Second place, with a time of 15:20, was won by Łukasz Nowak. The third place went to Wiktor Maćkowiak, who completed the run in a time of 15:26.

CITY TRAIL – Poznań (fot. Andrzej Olszanowski)

578 people passed the finish line. 183 young athletes took part in the CITY TRAIL Junior competition.

Amateur cross-country runners in Poznań are in for a seven-week break – the next – the fourth run of the 2021/2022 season – is scheduled for February 5.

Christmas atmosphere in Szczecin

In Sunday’s run in Szczecin there was no shortage of Christmas accents – the 5-kilometer route was even covered by Santa Claus. Santa Claus, who distributed goodies at the finish line. Sports-wise it’s worth highlighting the second victory of the season Milena Sadowska. Among men, the fastest was Wojciech Piwowarczyk. The finish line was passed by 388 people. 121 young athletes took part in the CITY TRAIL Junior competition.

CITY TRAIL – Szczecin (fot. Eryk Witek)

The winner of the run – Milena Sadowska was also the best in November:

Today’s run was a bit slower in my performance, but after the Polish Cross-Country Championships in Tomaszow Lubelski I did a de-training, so the form ran away a bit. I must say that the CITY TRAIL route in Szczecin is much more demanding than the one on which we competed during the national championships. By far the most difficult part of the route was the second long run-up. Another place that always gives you a hard time is the run up 500m or so to the finish line, where it’s already really hard to motivate yourself to make an effort.

Result Milena Sadowska is 19:44. The second to finish the competition was Justyna Grzywaczewska of the CITY TRAIL team (20:21), and the third place was won by Ewelina Kowalik (20:45). The women’s podium thus looked identical to that of a month ago.

The first victory of the season, with a time of 16:59, was won by Wojciech Piwowarczyk:

So far, I’ve competed in CITY TRAIL sporadically and never completed the cycle, so I haven’t had a chance to fight for the overall win. This season I would like to appear three times to be classified. Today’s run motivated me a lot, as I got a result more than half a minute better than in July. From an early age, I felt good in cross-country. I think not everyone likes to get that tired. I like.

Second place, with a time of 17:18, was won by Adrian Wilk. Third place went to the originator of the cycle – Piotr Książkiewicz, Who passed the finish line in a time of 17:24.

Amateurs of cross-country running in Szczecin will return to the CITY TRAIL route on February 6.

CITY TRAIL – Szczecin (fot. Eryk Witek)

The CITY TRAIL with Nationale-Nederlanden is organized by Step into Nature Foundation, which has environmental education as one of its goals. During Sunday’s run, a spontaneous trash collection campaign was organized. In a short time, the runners collected eight bags! Piotr Książkiewicz highlights:

This proves that it really doesn’t take much to do something good for our planet. Adults and children grabbed the bags, which is encouraging for us.