Take! Cup – an ecological solution in Polish cafes

Take!Cup – an ecological solution in Polish cafes

Good coffee is often a guarantee of a successful morning. And while it tastes best in natural settings, sometimes we’ll still appreciate more the one we’ve managed to grab in a hurry and at a nearby coffee shop. As it turns out, this can also be eco-friendly – all thanks to Take!Cup.

Take!Cup is a nationwide deposit system, the idea of which is to reduce the number of disposable cups used in any establishment offering takeaway drinks. The rules are simple: when you buy coffee, you ask that it be served in a Take Cup!Cup, you leave a deposit of PLN 5 for the cup, and when you drink – you visit the nearest action partner, return the cup to them and collect your PLN 5.

Why it’s worth it?

Disposable pots in which drinks are served are undeniably convenient to use. However, paper cups, which are considered by many of us to be good for the environment, are often covered with extra film and are not compostable. As the Take team points out!Cup, the average time in which a cup – from the moment the coffee – is served, will end up in the trash, is 15 minutes. This means that in one hour alone, about 320,000 such cups are consumed in Poland.

What we know about the Cup Take!Cup?

First of all – reusable (one cup can replace up to 1000 disposable cups), free and, last but not least, pretty. The material used is health-safe and 100% recyclable polypropylene. In addition, it does not transfer flavors or odors and is BPA-free. It comes in three sizes.

For more information on the entire initiative and how to become a partner in the campaign, visit Take!Cup.

photo. Take!Cup/FB TakeCup