Running in the backcountry Take note of these events

Running in the field? Look out for these events

Chudy Wawrzyniec in winter and summer versions, as well as TriCity Trail – these are the events proposed for 2022 by the Krok do Natury Foundation – the organizer of the largest cross-country running series in Poland, which takes place under the name CITY TRAIL. Registration for each event is underway.

The legendary Chudy Wawrzyniec

The correct thing to do would be to start chronologically with the event that will take place the earliest, but this time we’re breaking conventions and will start by talking about the summer’s Lean Lawrence.

This is one of the oldest ultramarathons in Poland, held on the trails of Beskid Zywiecki. The eleventh edition of the competition will be held August 13, 2022. The race has stood out on the map of Polish events from the beginning. It has always been rough: no repacks, no support, few nutrition points. Adding flavor to the competition is the fact that the choice of distance (in the 2022 edition it is 50 km, 80 km with competition within the Championship of Poland in Ultra Distance Mountain Running or 100 km) is already on the running route. A route. Well. Easy they are not, but the fact that the time limit for each distance is 16h makes the 50+ route largely walkable. And here is where the gate opens for “mountaineers” who just want to get a taste of ultra. On the other hand, for those who are just starting to take steps on mountain trails or simply prefer a shorter and faster route, there is another suggestion. The day after the Skinny – August 14, 2022 – there will be a 20-kilometer race Mala Rycerzowa. Each of the distances has a start in Rajcza and a finish in Ujsoły. This is the Żywiec region. Beautiful, inviting with uncrowded trails.

fot. Jacek Deneka / Chudy Wawrzyniec

Winter Lean Lawrence

Already January 22, in the neighboring Sopotnia valley, the first edition of the winter version of Chudy Lawrence will take place. That’s a little over 19 km, where you’ll have to run up on Rysianka and Pilsko (the second highest peak in Beskid Żywiecki – 1534 m n.p.m.). – The route is incredibly scenic, and the level of difficulty of the competition will depend on the conditions. These change from day to day, so for today it is difficult to predict how it will be on the fourth Saturday of the year – he emphasizes Piotr Książkiewicz, oganizer of the run. – Nevertheless, if it turns out that there is a weather Armageddon, the route will be shortened to 17.5 km, giving up running up Pilsko. We will provide information on possible modification of the route next week.

fot. Piotr Oleszak / Chudy Wawrzyniec

TriCity Landscape Park the arena of TriCity Trail struggles

TriCity Trail is such a run, which, since the first edition in 2015, aims to show that in the north of our country you can also get pretty tired by taking part in a trail run. – The Tri-City Landscape Park is such a “mountain” by the “sea”. If you have never been here before – you will be surprised by the terrain – highlights Piotr Bętkowski From the Step into Nature Foundation.

This year’s edition of the TriCity Trail will be held July 12. There are three distances to choose from: 21, 49 and 83 km. The finish line of each of them will be located in Wejherowo. Start – depending on the distance successively in: Wejherowo (21 km), Gdynia (49 km) and Gdansk (83 km).