Omni-Heat Infnity – the gold standard of warmth from Columbia Sportswear sponsored

Omni-Heat Infnity – the gold standard of warmth from Columbia Sportswear [sponsored]

They say there is no bad weather – only inappropriate clothing. This is the motto of the Columbia Sportswear brand, whose products and technologies convince millions of people around the world that rain and cold temperatures are no longer a reason to give up outdoor activities.

For the autumn-winter 2021 season, Columbia introduces another technological innovation – Omni-Heat™ Infnity, inspired by the reflective technology used by NASA and the remarkable properties of lifesaving, aluminum thermal blankets.

Omni-Heat – how it works

Omni-Heat technology is one of the few outdoor technologies you see. You can touch it and see how it is made: this makes it easier to realize how it works. Omni-Heat helps regulate temperature by reflecting and retaining heat produced by the body. This is possible due to the lining having a “matrix” of aluminum dots. When it’s cold, the dots reflect your body heat to maintain your temperature. On the other hand, when the body is warmed up and begins to sweat by increasing humidity, the dots, thanks to aluminum’s high level of heat conduction, dissipate the excess heat. At the same time, the lining allows air to circulate and moisture to escape to the outside. Thus, it acts as a thermostat to regulate temperature.

Omni-Heat Infnity

Omni-Heat Infnity – the gold standard of warmth from Columbia Sportswear (photo. Columbia)

First introduced in 2010 and continuously improved, Omni-Heat has quickly become the best-selling thermal insulation technology in the world. Today it is used in clothing as well as shoes and accessories.

OMNI-HEAT Infinity

For the fall-winter 2021 season, Columbia is introducing the next – and so far – most advanced iteration of its flagship technology. Omni-Heat™ Infnity was inspired by the reflective technology used by NASA. Compared to the first version of the technology based on a “matrix” of aluminum dots – Omni-Heat™ Infnity is based on a ‘matrix’ of gold, larger dots, thus providing 40% higher thermal insulation and an instant feeling of warmth, while maintaining equally high levels of air and moisture permeability.

Columbia's Omni-Heat Infnity

Labyrinth Loop Hooded Jacket (Columbia)

Sample products

Omni-Heat Infinity technology has been used in more than 80 models of jackets, boots and accessories (hats, gloves) from the latest Columbia Sportswear collection. Here are examples of products with a gold standard of warmth:

Columbia's Omni-Heat Infnity

Labyrinth Loop™ Hooded Jacket (photo. Columbia)

Labyrinth Loop™ Hooded Jacket is a jacket available in hooded and hoodless versions. It is equipped with synthetic insulation, which, supported by Omni-Heat™ Infinity technology, will provide thermal comfort in cold conditions. It has two zippered hand pockets and one on the chest, elastic cuffs and an adjustable hood. It’s made from recycled polyester fibers that offer moisture wicking for hiking in addition to insulation. Available in men’s and women’s versions. Price: 699.99 PLN for version without hood, 779.99 PLN for version with hood.

Columbia's Omni-Heat Infnity

Marquam Peak Fusion™ Parka (photo. Columbia)

Marquam Peak Fusion™ Parka is a waterproof jacket for really hard freezes. Featuring Thermarator™ synthetic insulation and a large Omni-Heat™ Infinity ‘panel’ will keep heat inside. Chest and side pockets will keep your essentials tucked away. The parka has an adjustable hood with a drawstring – both the hood and the faux fur on it can be detached as needed. The jacket is available in a men’s version. Price: 1099,99 PLN.

Columbia's Omni-Heat Infnity

Columbia Bugaboot™ Celsius Plus (photo. Columbia)

Columbia Bugaboot™ Celsius Plus is a classic men’s boot designed for cold and snowy weather. The upper of this model is made of a combination of waterproof leather and textile material. For increased comfort, the shoe features a contoured textile back collar. The footwear is equipped with OutDry™ technology, which provides excellent waterproofness and breathability. The boots are insulated with synthetic insulation, which is supported by Omni-Heat Infinity™ technology. The midsole uses TECHLITE+™ technology to provide cushioning and stability without sacrificing comfort. ADAPT TRAX™ outsole provides exceptional traction on wet and dry surfaces. Available in men’s and women’s versions at: PLN 699.99.

Omni-Heat Infnity Columbia

Slopeside Peak™ Luxe (photo. Columbia)

Slopeside Peak™ Luxe are women’s footwear for cold days. The boots have been filled with plenty of synthetic insulation. The lining is made with Omni-Heat Infinity technology. With Omni-Tech™ – breathable and waterproof membrane, allow you to enjoy every moment outdoors. The tongue and collar of the shoe are finished with stylish faux fur. Outsole with Omni-Grip™ technology provides superior traction. Price: $499.99.

Omni-Heat Infnity Columbia

Labyrinth Loop Hooded Jacket (Columbia)