Move into the outdoors on your terms with X Ultra 4 sponsored

Go into the outdoors on your terms with X Ultra 4 [sponsored]

Salomon, is a French brand with years of experience in creating and designing innovative outdoor products, valued by professionals and amateur athletes who engage in all outdoor activities. In recent years, the brand has expanded its collections, focusing on creating products that meet the needs of all those who are new to the outdoors. This year’s spring will be a great opportunity to check out the latest X Ultra 4 shoes and join a unique contest for adventure lovers. In this challenge, you will be able to test yourself as a finder of hidden stones, which are the ticket to further fun. The most creative contestants can win a week with a Ford Explorer, X Ultra 4 shoes and travel bags!

Salomon X Ultra 4 shoes

In the spring of 2021, Salomon’s offerings are designed to meet the needs of a wider range of consumers who focus on active outdoor recreation. The solutions previously used by the brand in creating shoes dedicated to professionals have been applied to products belonging to the latest collection, dedicated to a much wider audience. The result was a combination of durable and lightweight footwear, as well as apparel and hiking gear to ensure comfort on any trip.

One of the main protagonists of Salomon’s new outdoor collection, is the X Ultra 4 footwear series. This is the fourth iteration of this iconic model, which has been popular in the market for years. The next generation of the X Ultra is the result of the work of Salomon brand experts, many hours of analysis and testing, which, combined with customer feedback, made it possible to design a shoe that meets the requirements of users. In the X Ultra 4, note the unique design of this model, which has its roots in the world of off-road running. The use of technologies and solutions known from cross-country footwear made the X Ultra 4 stand out for its high flexibility and lightness. At the same time, this model has all the elements of trekking shoes, which guarantee stability, traction in difficult terrain and protection of the foot on mountain trails.

Salomon X ULTRA 4 GTX

As research shows, the ok. 80% of injuries during mountain activities are related to ankle injuries, so when designing the X Ultra 4 shoe, experts took care to stabilize and protect the areas most prone to injury. The new version of this already iconic model features special side reinforcements (so called. Active Support System), which ensure that the foot stays in one place during movement. This also allows the shoe to adapt to the shape and structure of the foot.

The traction in the X Ultra 4, is thanks to the patented and improved Contagrip®MA outsole, which provides grip even in wet and slippery terrain (such as the. on wet rock). With these, the user is guaranteed more control, especially when descending or ascending. The effect of excellent grip was achieved by creating an outsole that uses various components of top-quality rubber.
An important element of the shoe is the solid rubber in the front part, which protects the foot and toes in difficult terrain from injury. Other important elements worth noting are the strip of leather, synthetic material and rubber around the base of the foot, which protect the lateral part of the foot during movement, making it much harder for mud or fine sand to get into the shoe.

The women’s version has a special profile tailored to the anatomy of the female foot thus protecting it from injuries and abrasions.

Nowadays, everyone is increasingly concerned about environmental protection. The Salomon brand doesn’t forget either. To reduce environmental impact, the water repellent coating of X-Ultra 4 shoes does not contain harmful perfluorocarbons (PFCs).

X ULTRA 4 MID GORE-TEX boots (photo. Christoffer Sjostrom / Salomon)

The boots come in versions both with and without a gore-tex membrane, as well as an ankle option – X ULTRA 4 MID GORE-TEX. The products are available at, and their price starts at PLN 569.


This year we set out to discover the real outdoors! We will take you to the most beautiful hiking trails in the Polish mountains (and beyond), where our great “Stone Hunt” takes place!

Throughout April, on hiking trails in the Tatra Mountains, Sudetes, Pieniny, Beskids, but also on the most popular walking paths of cities such as Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Katowice, Salomon brand ambassador – Andrzej Bargiel and his friends will be hiding black stones with the Salomon brand logo.
The task is simple – go off-road and find a rock! This is a pass to the competition! Read the task written on the stone and put it back to give others a chance to join in the fun. Creativity counts in the competition!

You can find the location of the stones, details of the fun and the rules of the contest on the official Facebook of the Salomon brand.

There are unique prizes to be won, such as: a week with a Ford Explorer who loves outdoor adventures as much as you do, X-Ultra 4 GTX boots that will work on any trail, and Salomon Outlife bags that will help you pack your gear for future expeditions!