February 26 starts the 17th Polar Sport Skitour

February 26 marks the start of the 17th Polar Sport Skitour

XVII Polar Sport Skitour in Zawoja: from seal for panthers and children “Let’s help, let’s play, let’s win all!”. On February 26, for the 17th time Polar Sport invites you to Mosorny Groń for one of the largest skitour competitions in Poland.

A route for big and small, professionals and complete amateurs – prizes await all, and 100% of the entry fee will go to the wards of the foundation im. Basia German; participants in the event will also benefit the protection of snow leopards. Enrollment has already begun.

Winter in Poland is short, sometimes capricious and not very snowy, but these competitions simply have to take place. They have already become the stuff of legend, grandparents tell their children about them, children want to grow up quickly to experience this holiday too (more on the kids below). The fact is that the Polar Sport Skitour is one of the oldest skydiving competitions in Poland, organized at a time when “it wasn’t fashionable yet”. The now iconic event attracts hundreds of competitors and fans to Zawoja every year. – The magnet is the family atmosphere, the original humor of the host, great organization and sure prizes – says Zbyszek Marcinkiewicz from Polar Sportu. – Some have been with us for more than a dozen years already – adds.

Start at 11.00 at the lower station of the Mosorny Groń cable car in Zawoja. More than 200 people will participate in the competition. They will compete on two routes – a short one for very young juniors and a longer one for slightly older juniors. The latter is 13 kilometers, up and down through Zawoja’s forests, with a total elevation gain of approx. 1000 meters. It certainly won’t be boring – there have been times when a railing was stretched along the route… How it will be this year, the organizers do not reveal, what is known is that the efforts of the participants will be immortalized by Adam Brzoza, an excellent photographer who works on a daily basis with the Polish edition of “National Geographic”.

For children…

Polar Sport Skitour is one of the largest skitouring events in Poland, but this is not the only thing that sets it apart from others. – This is not a commercial event, we don’t make money on it, we definitely contribute, but it’s not about making money – emphasizes Zbyszek Marcinkiewicz. The entry fee is not high, and the most important thing is that, as every year, all proceeds from the event will go to the charges of the Foundation “At the Start” im. Basi German. This m.in. The money is then used to organize trips to the mountains and ski trips for children from orphanages. – And this is the best invested money – concludes Marcinkiewicz.

As for the children: as every year, parents can abandon their kids with impunity for the duration of the competition and indulge in carefree fun in the snow. They will spend Saturday safely and creatively under the guidance of qualified staff from the Departed Moms Club.

… and for panthers

For the fifth time, the competition will be accompanied by the International Snow Leopard Day organized by Dynafit (in Poland exceptionally on the day of the competition, worldwide a week later). This is a project to benefit the Snow Leopard Trust, by promoting mountain sports and drawing attention to the problem of endangered animal species, carried out in 12 countries. Each meter of elevation covered by the starters Dynafit will convert into 1 eurocent, and then donate the entire amount to the Snow Leopard Trust.

This year, meters can be gained together in the traditional organized events, but also on your own and anywhere you like. All you need to do is document your trip with a GPS device, and send the file to Dynafit upon completion – the brand will include the meters covered in your overall score. Also new will be a limited edition line of Snow Leopard products created in collaboration with French artist Lauriane Miara. Proceeds from the sale of three unique models – T-shirt, headband and cap – will be 100% donated to the Snow Leopard Trust account.

– Maybe it’s a cliché, but it’s really worth helping: we love skiing and outdoor movement, and if we can do something for others, for children and animals, we are even happier – explains Zbyszek Marcinkiewicz. – And we encourage everyone to do so, even those who are just beginning their skydiving adventure. The best way to start it is in Zawoja on February 26.