Crossblades – a new level of fun on snow sponsored

Crossblades – a new level of fun in the snow [sponsored]

It has not been known for a long time that the greatest experience in all forms of movement in the mountains in winter conditions are the inhabitants of Alpine or Scandinavian countries. After all, the best winter inventions were made there: skis, skins or snowshoes. Winter everyday life has forced the people there to be inventive in making their lives easier. Today, the best and most innovative winter sports equipment is also being made there.

In Poland, admittedly, skitouring, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing are becoming increasingly popular, but for various reasons you can find many hikers moving very slowly in deep snow (fot. partner materials)

Mountain hikers in Scandinavian or Alpine countries rarely get around the mountains on foot, without equipment – skis or rockets.

In Poland, although skitouring, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing are increasingly popular, but for various reasons you can meet many hikers moving very slowly in deep snow. From the point of view of a resident of Alpine countries – it is neither practical nor convenient and rather tiring. The truth is that in Poland not everyone skis well, not everyone likes it or can operate the equipment. After all, ascending and descending on skis requires a lot of experience. It’s similar with snowshoes: they’re great for walking in deep snow, and that’s all they are… You won’t get down on snowshoes like on skis.

. What if we could combine all the good features of skis and snowshoes while getting rid of their drawbacks? (fot. partner materials)

But as Poles, we love the mountains and move in that mounded snow… What if we could combine all the good features of skis and snowshoes while stripping away their disadvantages? Add to this the fact that we will not have to learn to ride for a long time, and operations on the equipment are trivial. Add a lot of fun… Maybe it’s something for you?

A revolutionary invention straight from Switzerland – Crossblades

It would seem that the winter sports market is quite airtight and it is hard to “push” a new product that will become as popular as, say, cross-country skiing or skis. It turns out that there is still room for extremely interesting and functional products. The Swiss company Inventra, when designing its latest “child”, was guided primarily by the needs of users and their pains in moving both on skis and rockets.

That’s how Crossblades were created – snowshoes that combine the features of most types of skis, and on top of that are extremely simple and intuitive to use.

Crossblades snowshoes allow both the approach and the smooth descent, as well as the descent. Thus, in one device we have skis and snowshoes (phot. partner materials)

What is the revolutionary nature of Crossblades? On the fact that Crossblades snowshoes allow both an approach and a leisurely descent, as well as a descent. So in one device we have skis and snowshoes. What’s important: we don’t need ski boots to slide: the “Softboot” version of the Crosblades binding is adapted to trekking boots.

Thanks to this, the snowshoes can be hooked up to practically every shoe you should customarily use in the mountains in winter. Of course, we can easily adjust the binding to our boot size. The size range is very wide: 36 to 46. Thus, one device can be used by quite petite girls with small feet, as well as by robust men.

Up and down

The charm of this invention is that it is very light and compact, and offers a great deal. Taking them with us on a trip, we will not feel excessive weight in our backpack. We can take them on any trip to the mountains without worrying about transportation. They will fit into any car trunk and easily attach to a small backpack. Once we’re in the mountains, as soon as the optimal snow conditions appear, it’s very easy to hook them up to a trekking boot and we can move even in the most mounded snow. Crossblades will then act as a snowshoe.

Crossblades are equipped with an absolutely ingenious patent: a double-sided, pivoting plate located on the bottom of the racquet (photo. partner materials)

What when we want to change the form of movement from approach to downhill? And here’s where the curiosity comes in: the Crossblades are equipped with an absolutely ingenious patent: a double-sided, rotatable plate located on the bottom of the rocket. On one side of the plate has a type of seal, and on the other a descent slide. The underside with seals is used for approach and quiet descent, and whenever we want to descend we rotate the plate. Its replacement takes just a few seconds!

It is also worth mentioning that when moving on Crossblades we avoid the classic problems that occur on skis – we do not have problems with wet seals that do not want to stick to the bottom of the ski.

In a word, Crossblades has no limitations in use – approaches, descents both long and short are not a problem. Likewise with the specific terrain in which we want to use this equipment: they will work well in both open and wooded terrain. The manufacturer suggests using Crossblades in mild to moderate terrain. If we would like to use them in more difficult, icy terrain, it is possible to buy harnesses similar to those we know from skis.

Crossblades – a new level of fun in the snow

We know that we won’t go everywhere on backcountry skis, and we won’t go everywhere on cross-country skis. Frequent unhooking and rehooking on skitouches can be time-consuming and tiring. Isn’t it? So what does the Crossblades’ innovative approach offer the user?

  • Unlimited comfort – we will descend where we have been descending so far.
  • New experience in winter sports – whether we are amateurs or professionals. Approaches and descents are extremely easy.
  • No longer do we have to laboriously flip skis or put on seals – with the Crossblades, flipping the rocket from approach to downhill is a snap!
  • A new level of fun – Crossblades are extremely intuitive and easy to use. They minimize everything to maximize for you the enjoyment of every approach and descent.

Binding types: Hardboot and Softboot

The company offers Crossblades in two types – HardBoot and Softboot. They differ in the types of bindings. Hardboot bindings are designed for use with boots designed for semi-automatic crampons. Softboot bindings can be used with any type of trekking shoes. The choice between the two types depends on what kind of boots you have. However, it’s worth knowing that if you plan to descend more in more difficult terrain, of course it would be better to use the bindings with stiffer boots with special grooves for crampons or even with skittering boots. In this case, it’s better to opt for the Hardboot.