CRAG store FIXED Friday

CRAG store: FIXED Friday

The Krakow-based CRAG store has represented a modern and conscious approach to selling outdoor equipment since its inception. We noticed it, we liked it and we were happy to get involved in the actions of this store. Here are two cool and important actions of this store this week.

FIXED Friday // Fix your outdoor clothing right away

Throughout Friday, the CRAG store will host free clothing and accessory repairs:

Crazy promotions, mega discounts and rebates and total sales – this is what Black Friday is all associated with. For us, it’s a global day of consumerism, so we decided to celebrate it in our own style and in a completely different way.

First of all, we want to draw your attention to smart shopping and convince you to use the help of our advisors.

More than that, throughout the day, together with Monika from Stop Wasting Design, we encourage you to get free REPAIRS of your outdoor clothing right away.

Have a favorite sweatshirt in your closet, pants that need a minor repair? Visit the CRAG store and take part in the FIXED FRIDAY action supported by Outdoor Magazine. Participants in the action will receive free copies of the magazine from us (pool limited, subject to depletion).

„Don’t buy if you don’t need it!” – is the motto of the CRAG store. This week its natural extension comes into effect: „Don’t buy if, you can fix!”.

Stop Wasting Design

Sewing has been Monica’s passion since childhood. Unsurprisingly, its work revolves precisely around it. Professionally, he creates accessories for animals. Because she is close to the theme of environmental protection and does not like waste, in her free time, using scraps of materials she sews „patchwork” items, clothes, and various accessories. She puts her experience to work with CRAG store helping their customers with small repairs and special orders.

You can find more information about the Friday event on the Facebook page:

GUEST MEETINGS X CIRCULAR CONCEPT at the CRAG store: „Circular fashion as a lifestyle”

This is the second major event this week, and the first in order. It will take place tomorrow, which is Wednesday, November 24. Crag store: