CITY TRAIL launched in Poznań and Szczecin

CITY TRAIL started in Poznań and Szczecin

The weekend of October 23-24 saw the launch of the twelfth edition of the cross-country CITY TRAIL series with Nationale-Nederlanden in Poznań and the eighth in Szczecin. It’s clear that the autumn weather is favorable for runners, because the times achieved by the top runners deserve to be noted – the women’s course record was set in Poznań, and among men one of the best results in the history of the cycle on the 5-kilometer route on Lake Rusalka – 14:55.

Poznan windy, but fast running

A great start to the season was made by the winners of the competitions in Poznań – Oliwia Warzywniak She set the women’s course record of 16:44, a Sebastian Nowicki completed the 5-kilometer loop in 14:55.

Oliwia Wawrzyniak, a talented 19-year-old ward of coach Jan Grenda, who has gold medals of the Polish junior women’s cross-country championship and the 5000m, she commented after the run:

I had no pressure to improve the course record. I knew it was achievable when I saw on my watch after the first kilometer 3:19, a result of approx. 16:40 at 5 km. I decided to keep up the pace and see what kind of shape I’m currently in. I treat CITY TRAIL as a good test for the Polish Cross Country Championships, which will be at the end of November. This will be at the same time a qualification for the European Cross-Country Championships in Dublin, which will be held in December, where I would very much like to perform, if health and disposition permit. I’m glad that I managed to wring out such a result. It motivated me a lot to work even harder, because the reserves are certainly there. I have a great fondness for CITY TRAIL races, because 7 years ago it was on these races that my current coach saw the potential in me and I started to pay attention to competitive running. I’m glad that the run on the Rusalka River still takes place and attracts a lot of people. Let’s remember that sport is health and fun, not just sports results and life records at competitions.

CITY TRAIL Poznań (fot. Andrzej Olszanowski)

Second among women at the finish line was Paulina Stempniak (18:32), and the third place was won by Wiktoria Wojtkowiak (18:41). It is worth mentioning that the four fastest runners represent AZS Poznań and are still juniors. Second place in the men’s competition was won on Saturday Łukasz Nowak (time 15:08), and the third was Tomasz Przybylak (15:34).

The finish line of the main run was crossed by 665 people, including 247 women.

CITY TRAIL competitions also include runs for children and young people, which are entertained at distances of 300 m, 600 m, 1 km and 2 km. Saturday’s competition was attended by 275 young athletes.

CITY TRAIL Poznań (photo. Andrzej Olszanowski)

Szczecin dictated by triathletes

Szczecin’s CITY TRAIL route is led along the paths of the Bukowa Forest. As much as 2 of the 5 kilometers are uphill runs, so runners taking part in the competition have to reckon with the fact that the results achieved at the finish line are far from their life records. On the other hand, starting on a demanding route is a great satisfaction and a great workout. Sunday’s competition was won by Joanna Wozniak i Adrian Wilk – Both are triathletes. The finish line of the main run was crossed by 427 people, including 144 women.

I’m after the de-training, so running on this route today was not light, but it’s good to know where you stand. My goal is to improve the result from month to month, so that at the last competition of the edition I will get a result of about a minute better.

This is what the fastest female winner of the 2019/2020 edition of the CITY TRAIL series in Szczecin – said after the run Joanna Wozniak. Her result is 18:52. Second place went to Ewelina Kowalik (20:26), and third was Malgorzata Szabalowska (20:49).

CITY TRAIL Szczecin (photo. Jaroslaw Dulny)

The time of the winner of Sunday’s run – Adrian Wilk – it 17:46. Second place was won by Stanislaw Golanski (time of 17:55), and the third was Pawel Szymanski (17:57).

The CITY TRAIL Junior competition was attended by 135 young athletes.

CITY TRAIL Szczecin (photo. Jaroslaw Dulny)

It is worth recalling that CITY TRAIL runs are characterized by a cyclical formula. To be classified, compete for prizes and receive a commemorative medal, you need to run a minimum of 3 times in the edition. Medals and awards will be presented at the season recaps, will have a gala format and will be held in March and April 2022.

Tomasz Zyśko, Director of. Individual Customer at Nationale-Nederlanden and ambassador of this year’s CITY TRAIL campaign:

Starting my adventure with running, I never thought it would change my life to such an extent. I found out very quickly that it is not only a way to improve my figure, but also to cope with stress and improve concentration. That’s why, as a long-time partner of the CITY TRAIL series, we want to encourage Poles to get a daily dose of exercise, change their eating habits, get regular periodic checkups and have a positive attitude towards life. Family cross-country running is a great opportunity to make activity part of your daily routine, and thus take care of your health.

CITY TRAIL Szczecin (photo. Jaroslaw Dulny)