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19. Krakow Mountain Festival: who to meet on the first weekend of December?

After last year’s heavily online edition, KFG returns in a hybrid formula, combining the advantages of both. A lot of attractions await festival participants who decide to come to Krakow, and an additional pleasure will undoubtedly be meeting face to face – with each other and with the exceptional guests who will appear on stage (but not only!) of the ICE Krakow Congress Center.

As many people, as many stories. Many stories, one passion. Mountains

If you like KFG or festivals in general, you know well that nothing can replace a live meeting. By choosing to visit ICE in Krakow, you get the opportunity to participate in an interesting event, in a great place and a beautiful city. Lectures, workshops, talks with Polish and foreign guests (we’ll get to them in a moment), spontaneous events, chance meetings, behind-the-scenes conversations… Another perk, especially before the holidays, is a visit to the equipment fair, the largest in the festival’s history. At the same time, you lose nothing – attendees of the festival in the traditional formula will have access to online materials throughout December:

  • Hybrid pass – 99 zl

NOTE: For the first time in the history of KFG, there will be cafes and a Lyo zone throughout the festival, and on Saturday evening you will be able to share the excitement in the festival circle (the festival café will be open until 0:45).

And if you live far away, and out of the festival’s offerings you are most curious about the films, or just want to spread your enjoyment over time, the following option is sure to interest you:

Krakow Mountain Festival – VOD (pic. outdoormagazine.pl)

Foreign guests

SÍLVIA VIDAL (born 1970) hails from Barcelona. Her specialty is solo projects in remote areas of India, Alaska and Patagonia. She only became interested in climbing when she was in college, and just two years later received the Spanish Golden Chequered for her solo passage of the famous Pricincipado de Asturias line (A4). This year she also received a Special Mention award from the Golden Chequers chapter.

Sílvia on Sincronia Màgica – spring 2020 (pic. arch. Sílvia Vidal)

Among her achievements are: solo ascent of Sincronia Màgica on Cerro Chileno Granto in Patagonia (33 days in the wall, without phone, radio, GPS), solo ascents of El Capitan (Reticent Wall, Zenyatta Mondatta, Sea of Dreams, Mescalito, first ascent of Brakk Zaug (4800m) in Karakorum, soloing the Ganyips and Life is Lilac (A4+, 6a) routes on Shipton Spire (5910m), or soloing the author’s Naufragi line (1050m, A4+) in the Kailash Parbat massif.

When completed in the spring of 2020. Sincronia Màgica (1180-m, A3+ 6a) wrote:

Returning from an expedition where you were alone and without communication requires time and acclimatization to “civilization” to adapt to the changes. But this time the whole planet changed. The world has changed, and we have changed with it.

SEAN VILLANUEVA O’DRISCOLL is a mountaineer, adventurer, visionary, Irish flute virtuoso, film producer. Short, stocky, with a storm of chestnut hair and an indispensable thick beard. Regular attendees of successive editions of the Krakow Mountain Festival are well acquainted with the series of films presenting Sean’s mountaineering exploits in remote and unusual regions of the world: “China Jam”, “Dodo Delight”, “Coconut Connection” or “Reel Rock 11”. These images depict climbing as a good time with friends as crazy as they are dedicated.

Sean Villanueva on top of Guillaumet during the passage of “The Moonwalk Travers” in the Fitz Roy massif (photo. Sean Villanueva)

Meanwhile, Sean’s climbing achievements are very impressive. Among them are: the first OS passage of Fitz Roy’s east wall with the East Pillar and El Corazon route combination (1200m), the first passage of Devil’s Brew on the Impossible Wall in Greenland (5.12+, 850 m), first ascent of the Fire in the Belly route (8a+, 700 m) on Tsaranoro Atismo in Madagascar.

In 2021 he made the first solo ascent of “The Moonwalk Traverse” – a traverse of the ten peaks of the Fitz Roy massif from south to north in just over six days (5.11, 4000 m, ice/microstone). Climbing this impressive line solo can be considered one of the most important achievements in the history of Patagonia exploration.

YANNICK GRAZIANI (born 1973). Already as a 16-year-old he conquered Mont Blanc. He not only indulged in mountain conquests at the time, but also decided to associate himself with the mountains professionally. He has climbed many technically demanding routes in the Alps and Andes, but ambition pushed him further, into the world’s highest mountains.

Climbing the south face of Annapurna – above the headwall (photo. Stéphane Benoist)

During his twenty-year career, he has participated in more than forty expeditions to the Himalayas. Among other things, he climbed Kanchendzonga (8586m) by the east face, Nanga Parbat (8126m) from the west, Makalu (8481m) by the east face, he also climbed the south face of Annapurna (8091m). He has also explored technically difficult seven-thousand-meter peaks, among them Chomo Lonzo (7804m) in the High Himalayas or Pumari Chhish ( 7492m) in the Hispar Muztagh massif in Karakorum.

Among his achievements is the ski descent from Nanga Parbat by the Diamir flank. In the mountains, he relentlessly seeks challenges and technical difficulties, accepting the risks involved.

This season he visited the Hunza valley in Pakistan and climbed the difficult seven-thousand-meter peaks in a small team. Helias Millerioux, Patrick Wagnon and Yannick initially intended to ski the 1968 Normal route after crossing the northern ridge of Diran (7257m)., However, in the end they left the boards at the base and attacked the ridge in alpine style. It took them 4 days to climb the 5-kilometer ridge from base camp to base camp.

Among Yannick’s greatest achievements is the passage of the south wall of Annapurna, which he accomplished in a team with Stéphane Benoist. The team climbed partially along the route set by Ueli Steck, and then continued with a line running more straight ahead (an unfortunate attempt by the Beghin-Lafaille team, 1992.). The 10-day climb in extremely technically difficult terrain is one of the most important examples of alpine style in the high mountains.

JOZEF KRIŠTOFFY He has been climbing for twenty-one years, and is thirty-four. He started his life adventure in his native Slovakia. Thanks to his talent and hard work, he quickly became a member of the national team in sport climbing, and the list of his transitions includes the number 11-/11 (8c+).

Diretissima on Mlynarczyk – climbed by Yozef Krištoffy (photo. Rasto Hatiar)

At present, he is mainly involved in multi-pitch projects. Her credits include Jet Stream (X-/X, PP) and the first ascents of Koróna (XI-) in the Slovak Tatras, Fatal Attection (10-) or Glory (10- OS) in Wadi Rum. He was the first to classically conquer Patagonia’s most difficult line, the 700-meter El Condor Pasa (X PP).

This season he returned to the Slovak Tatras and on October 30, in a team with Tibor Bellak, led the Diretissima (Diretka) on Mlynarczyk, crossing it with a variant through Bell (Delta). This is one of the most technically difficult routes in the Tatra Mountains.

Polish guests

Most of the Polish guests and workshop leaders are well-known figures in our environment and it is rather unnecessary to introduce them. Here is part of it:

Michal Czech, Wadim Jablonski, Maciej Kimel, Krzysztof Wielicki, Franciszek Berbeka, Kacper Tekieli, Maciej Ciesielski, Boguslaw Kowalski, Oswald Rodrigo Pereira, Jan Krzeptowski-Sabala, Piotr Pustelnik, Łukasz Kocewiak, Janusz Majer, Janusz Golab, Magdalena Gorzkowska, Piotr Trybalski, Beata Słama, Zofia Bachleda, Anna Tybor, Roman Ficek, Rafał Bielawa, Marek Raganowicz, Grzegorz Folta, Andrzej Mecherzyński-Wiktor, Marcin Kopciński, Ida Kupiś, Piotr Schab, Michał Ciszewski, Maciek Oczko, Waldemar Niemiec, Tomasz Nodzyński, Piotr Sułowski.

Anna Tybor (Piotr Drzastwa / Dream Line Manaslu 8163)

And if you do not know someone on this list, a visit to Krakow will be the best opportunity to change that!

Workshops – knowledge and experience

From the first editions, KFG organizers paid special attention to the training part – an important element of the festival. And this year there will be no shortage of opportunities to expand and deepen your knowledge of safety and mountain activities.

Workshops at KFG 2017, pictured here is Grzegorz Folta (photo. Adam Kokot / KFG)

In the program of workshops under the traditional auspices of PZU, among others:

  • “In the mountains with an instructor or with a guide? What to choose and why?” – Waldemar Niemiec and Tomasz Nodzyński
  • “From skitouring to ski mountaineering”, guided by Maciek Ciesielski, guide IVBV and 5+Mountain School
  • PETZL: “Accidents during descents”, led by Boguslaw Kowalski, Maciej Ciesielski
  • Climbing workshop – “How (NOT) to train, or about the most common training mistakes”, MotionLab – conversation with Ida Kupś, Piotr Schab and Maciek Oczko, conducted by Andrzej Mecherzyński-Wiktor
  • Mazda and Bronx Climbing Academy, led by Andrzej Mecherzyński-Wiktor and Marcin Kopcinski
  • “Let’s talk frankly about mountain and climbing wall accidents.”, conducted by Boguslaw Kowalski
  • Navigation and first aid workshops – GOPR Foundation
  • “Suit, stilettos, umbrella. What to take to an eight-thousander for a good descent”, conducted by Ania Tybor, Polar Sport
  • Skitour School workshop – “Bootfeeting, that is – how to choose boots to ride better!”, leading Arek Jędras
  • Skitour School invites “35 years of skitouring: stories, tips and routes, lecture by Wojciech Szatkowski

60 films from the world of mountains in one place

And actually in two, because no one would be able to see them all in two days in Krakow. So choose wisely – the most interesting productions and greatest hits are worth watching on the big screen – you will have time for the rest until the end of December. Remember that some of the mountain blockbusters will be available on the platform for a limited time (information on this can be found on HERE).

The Alpinist – special show (ICE only), 6a at 62. The Steve Parr Round, Aterpean Ateri, Artur Guma, Balandrau, infern glaçat, Bike 2 Boat, Black Ice, Cervino – La Cresta del Leone, Barmasse, Con il sorriso, Deep Roots, E11. Lexicon, Elevate, Encordés, 200 dans dans le regard des guides de Chamonix, First Ascent / Last Ascent, From Sources, Gerwentil, Great Sheikhs, Haeberli, Homerun. A journey close to home, Innsbruck. Powder. People, K2: Memory Mountain, Kjerag solo, Kyra: En Olympic Story, Link Sar, Long live Chainsaw, My Upside Down World, Out with the cats, Otnovo Sum Tuk, P3. Pedal. Powder. Paddle, Prima Ascesa. La montagna creata dall’uomo, Resilience, Roots, Seul sous les aurores, Simply, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, Swissway to Heaven, The Fall Theory, The Farmer, The Sanctity of Space, The Secound Summit, The tears of Shiva, The Traverse, Timeout, #To_be. Krzysztof Wielicki, Traditional Alpinism – Erfahrungen Sind Nicht Erbbar, Vom Wert der Zeit, Disappearance of Janusz Klarner, Rysy Sky 24h, Twist, Follow the Red Rabbit, Peru 2021 – Polish Sport Himalayan Expedition, Carpathia DIVIDE. Race or adventure,